Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I haven't posted here for a couple days, and I refuse to let this blog be one of those things in my life that just falls by the wayside or gets shifted to the back burner. That tends to happen with a lot of things in my life. I get really excited in the beginning, but then whatever I'm amped up about loses some of its appeal until it is a distant memory of a forgotten dream (I think there's a paradox in there somewhere....).

I don't really have any creative pieces to post, unfortunately. Creative writing is another thing that I feel like will soon fall out of my life again. As soon as my class ends and I don't have deadlines to meet, what's going to stop me from watching Wife Swap or A Baby Story instead of writing the next great American short story? Nothing, that's what! Sometimes I wonder if I should remove TV and Facebook from my life. How much more would I get done? Maybe I'd be able to focus on my dreams of becoming a famous writer and/or photographer. Maybe I'd study my Bible more and my relationship with God would go from this faint voice floating around outside my head (sometimes it's so distant that I can't even say "the faint voice at the back of my mind"; it's not even in my skull yet!) to the feeling of sitting across from someone sipping lattes and discussing the meaning of life. Or maybe I'd just check a freaking book out of the library and start working on my thesis so I could graduate from Salem State in the spring. Yes, I believe all of this could be accomplished in mere weeks if I simply unplugged myself from the media. And then I remember I have the will power of a five-year-old with a hundred dollar bill in the middle of Toys R Us.

Well, happy Thanksgiving to all, and maybe I'll be back at some point this week with a new piece or some crazy family photos from tomorrow's festivities. God bless!

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  1. hahah you're funny! take baby steps..after your contract is up with comcast you shouldn't get cable anymore! hahaha it saves you A TON of money anddd it's nice not being tied down to TV.. instead you only have that one show you look forward to (for instance the biggest loser).

    haha like you lots! happy turkey day dear :)